The Most Important Social Issues Students Face at College

College experiences can be memorable.

However, many students have less to share their past experiences. While being a student has its rough patches, there are common social issues that many students face during their time in college.

Social issues have had a significant impact on the world and the education system as a whole. Occasionally, the lives of college students are challenged by problems that may make them feel alienated from the college structure. On the same note, below is a detailed discussion of some social issues and how they affect college students:

Substance abuse

Many at times, college students are probed website that writes papers for you to use drugs and alcohol. In an attempt to find themselves, they enjoy new freedom that would be impossible under their parents’ roof. Often, they experiment with alcohol and drugs. From the baseline, the students experiment with such substances due to several reasons. These may be anything from stress and anxiety, to curiosity to explore new things. However, uncontrolled use may lead to addiction and other long-term effects.


Homelessness among college students is an increasing social crisis. A combination of factors such as costs of food, accommodation, tuition, and other financial packages may fuel the crisis among students in college. More to these, other social forces such as poor economic conditions and family breakdowns also contribute to homelessness.


College life requires students to embark on a journey that requires them to meet new friends. At the same time, they leave behind old friends and family. Subsequently, interacting with a new group may seem difficult for some of them. In the new environment, they explore various cultural differences, values, and lifestyles. In the beginning, college students may find it overwhelming to start with new friends or a unique atmosphere. Ideally, they may experience the potential energy of rejection or acceptance.

Dropout Rate of Students in College

Regardless of the type of school or education system, students may drop out of college due to many factors. Beyond all other apparent reasons, the most common is financial problems. Other causes include lack of support, non-conducive environment, and family and work commitments, etc.

Youth suicide

It is not unusual for college students to undergo stress during their time in school. Subsequently, they are aware of negative thoughts and their effects on their mood. Different students take such negativity differently. Some may talk about it to express their feelings, while others may suppress what they go through. Consequently, the suppression and inability to express oneself would lead to the most obvious symptom- depression.

Depression may cause one to contemplate if life is worth living. Such hopelessness and pessimism may trigger suicidal thoughts to a victim of depression. The students are exposed to more risks to hurt themselves or commit suicide. Ideally, paramount essays direct conversations may help students who feel or experience unusual patterns of interaction with their peers.


Other than the above social issues, college students go through a lot more. Well, sometimes, they may wonder if attending college is worth the hassle. While the challenges are a number, the good experiences in college outweigh the bad ones.